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Miels' Gentle Soap range are available in 100 ml and 500 ml.


As the name says, MIELS Gentle Soap is friendly for all kinds of skin, including the sensitive ones. With coconut oil as the base ingredient, this soap cleanses thoroughly, featuring rich antibacterial and antiseptic properties that leave the skin fresh. Each soap is formulated with fragrant essential oil with added benefits, from relieving stress to treating pimples and preventing body odor.


Use MIELS Gentle Soap as both body and facial washes. Lather generously on your soaked skin and rinse with water.


Free from SLS, paraben, artificial coloring and preservatives.

Available ranges:

Coco Nella

Antibacterial | Antioxidant | Hydrating

When coconut meets citronella essential oil, the result is a unique fragrant blend with extraordinary benefits. It keeps the skin hydrated and prevents unpleasant odor, perfect for those with busy activities in the schedule.

Coco Citrus

Antioxidant | Antimicrobial | Hydrating

Sweet citrus-y smell elevates coconut essential oil in this variant. It calms your senses and revives your body, creating a sanctuary moment whether you use it for morning shower or after a long day of hustle.


Coco Putti

Antibacterial | Aromatherapy | Relieves

Relaxing scent and inflammation reliever in one, this duo of coconut and cajuput oil bring warm sensation during your daily shower routine. 


Coco Lav

Antiinflammatory | Calming | Bugs repellent

A combination of coconut and lavender treats your senses and delivers extra goodness for the skin. It helps reduce allergic reactions and brightens up the skin simultaneously, all the more reason to use it regularly.


Coco Lemongrass

Antibacterial | Rejuvenator | Reduces cellulite

This delicious pairing of coconut and lemongrass rejuvenates your skin the moment it is poured from the bottle. Experience its antibacterial benefits, safe for your kids and babies.

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