2021, The Year for Healthy, Smooth, Happy Skin

If there is only one promise you’ll keep this year, let it be to take good care of your skin. Refresh, rejuvenate and relax – do all three to keep your skin healthy and happy, because if you look good on the outside, you will also feel good on the inside. Treat your body with the best ingredients and take your loved ones on your #skinvestment journey, too.

Here at MIELS, we have formulated a series of body and skincare products to help you realize your best-looking skin yet. Apply them generously, as each variant comes with pleasing smell and loads of benefits.

For specific skin goals, read on to see which MIELS works best for you:

  1. To get healthy, clean skin

Look no further than our Gentle Soap series for your daily cleansing ritual. It comes in 5 different variants, all with coconut, MIELS’ hero ingredients, in it. Dispense into your hand or on a sponge, then massage thoroughly on soaked skin. Experience its antibacterial and antiseptic properties that suit all skin types. Plus, it is also beneficial to combat body odor, alleviate acne on skin and tackle allergic reactions.

  1. To achieve hydrated, brighter skin

After taking a shower with Gentle Soap, apply our original Body Butter that will make your skin smooth, healthy and glowing. Once every two days, complete your shower with Coffee body scrub that can brighten the appearance of your skin. On your face, apply Argan Oil that can ease your hyperpigmentation and dark spot.

  1. To freshen up and de-stress the body and the mind

Sometimes, your body and mind need to be freshened up, too. That is where MIELS Essential Oil comes in handy. Arriving in 5 types, our essential oil can soothe your mind, alleviate morning sickness and combat insomnia. When applied on the skin, they can treat wound and moisturize dry patches.

Are you ready to achieve your skin goals this year? Don’t forget to always be kind to your skin – treat it gently and protect it from the sun.

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